Coalition Building for Policy Change

A fundamental function of Avesta Housing and its advocacy partner, the Maine Affordable Housing Coalition (MAHC), is to support public policies at the local, state and federal levels that foster the creation and preservation of affordable homes. Avesta and the more than 100 other organizations that comprise MAHC are committed to ensuring that all Mainers are adequately and affordably housed.

By educating policy makers and the public about the causes and conditions of housing insecurity, as well as the economic impact of affordable housing development on Maine businesses, Avesta serves an important role in developing healthy, sustainable communities for Maine people.

For more information about MAHC, please visit the MAHC website.


Doing Well By Doing Good: The Economic Impact of Affordable Housing

Maine's affordable housing sector plays a vital role in creating jobs and driving economic growth in the state of Maine. State and federal programs such as the Low Income Housing Tax Credit are crucial, not only because they address the growing need for affordable homes for Maine people, but because they provide employment for thousands of Maine people.

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