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7 Tips to Being a Better Technology User at Work and Home


As an IT professional, I deal with a lot of technical issues on a daily basis. Things go wrong for a myriad of reasons and there are any number of possible solutions, but there are definitely a few tips you can follow to avoid landing at your IT person’s desk.

Here are 7 tips anyone can use to become a better IT user at work and home. 

1. Enter at your own risk

More problems stem from Internet-related baggage than anything else. Going to unsecured websites, opening email that is from someone you don’t know, or clicking on links and ads that appear on webpages can all download harmful software to your computer. Being mindful of the places you go digitally can help keep you from accidentally downloading something that you don’t want. A lot of times this software just causes more ads and pop-ups on your computer, but sometimes it can be very devastating. Malicious software can capture information that you send out through the Internet, including bank and/or credit card information. The website where you shared personal information may be secure, but the software hidden on your computer may have bigger plans.

2. Don’t save your passwords

I know! It seems…

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