Avesta's Property Procedures

Avesta's Property Procedures

Lock Outs

If you lose your key(s) or are locked out of your apartment during business hours, you should call the main office. If we have maintenance personnel in the area, we will send them to open your door. When travel time is involved, residents will be charged $25 for this service.

If a lock out occurs during the day when we do not have staff available or after business hours, it will be the resident’s responsibility to make arrangements with a locksmith or their own key holders, to gain entrance. In the event you do hire a locksmith, please note the locksmith should only unlock your door, instead of changing the entire lock. If your entire lock were to be changed, it would be a substantial tenant charge. Maintenance needs access to all units and the lock on your door is currently keyed to our master system.

Please note all charges are due and payable within 30 days, as stated in your lease agreement.

If you have any questions regarding the lock out system, please contact your Property Manager.