Opponents: Question 2 would limit affordable housing

Supporters of low-income housing joined with AARP officials and homeless advocates this morning to voice their concern about a proposal to limit development in Portland.


by Tom Porter

October 21, 2015


Question 2 on this November's municipal ballot seeks to amend the current land use ordinance with the aim of protecting some of Portland's most distinctive scenic viewpoints from runaway development.

Dana Totman is president of Avesta Housing, a non-profit developer of affordable housing which opposes the measure.  Speaking in front of a project under construction on Munjoy Hill, Totman said there are 2,500 people on their waiting list for affordable housing in Portland.

"Question 2 will add another hurdle to creating affordable housing, a hurdle we think will prevent us from building developments just like this one at Washington Avenue," Totman said.

Question 2 supporters say it was drawn up out of concern that Portland councilors give developers too much of a free hand without listening to the concerns of citizens.

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