Report: Portland on track to becoming 'top tier' sustainable city

A environmental advocacy group todayreleased a report that it hopes will gain Portland more national recognition for its work in promoting sustainability.


by Tom Porter

The Natural Resources Council of Maine says Portland is now on track to become a "top tier" sustainable city.

The group's advocacy director, Pete Didisheim, says the study titled "Portland: Connected By Nature"  shows how a broad range of people, businesses, and organizations are working on sustainability initiatives in the city, "helping reduce carbon pollution, protect water quality, helping promote local foods, making our streets safer for bicycles and pedestrians, reduce waste, increase the use of renewable energy and make our buildings more energy efficient," Didisheim said.

The report profiles 50 individuals and organizations which it says are making a difference, including Friends of Casco Bay, the Bicycle Coalition of Maine and Avesta Housing.

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