Press Releases

Press Releases

Seventy Five State Street and Avesta Housing join forces in their Senior Residential Communities

Seventy-Five State Street and Avesta Housing start the New Year with a new collaboration.

On January 1, 2017, Avesta Housing brought Seventy-Five State Street, a 163-year-old independent- and assisted-living senior community, into its family of residential properties. At that time, these two mission-driven nonprofit organizations, each with over one hundred employees, formed a partnership to lend organizational strengths to each other while bolstering the services and advocacy work they do for seniors.

Seventy-Five State Street is a highly regarded organization with a rich history in Portland, and they have chosen Avesta Housing to steward them through the next chapter of their history. With the new affiliation, Avesta is expanding and strengthening the senior care branch of its own mission, and committing to providing administrative and strategic support for Seventy-Five State Street.

At the end of 2016, Seventy-Five State Street’s 19-year Executive Director, Tony Forgione, retired. With Forgione’s departure, Lori Maxwell, the Assistant Administrator for the past two decades, was appointed Administrator.

Avesta Housing President & CEO Dana Totman remarks on the conversion, “Lori Maxwell’s extensive leadership experience and organizational history will be immensely important as we embark on this new affiliation. We will work closely with her to develop a strong partnership in support of Maine seniors. With change of this magnitude, there are always challenges yet to be determined, but I am reassured in knowing that Avesta Housing and Seventy-Five State Street are healthy, strategic organizations that will continue to deliver high-quality, resident-focused services. I look forward to embracing the opportunities this collaboration presents.”


About Avesta Housing

Avesta Housing is am affordable housing provider with over 40 years of experience as a leader in affordable housing development and property management in southern Maine and New Hampshire. The nonprofit organization is headquartered in Portland, Maine and currently has more than 80 properties and 2,000 apartments in its portfolio. Avesta’s mission is to improve lives and strengthen communities by promoting and providing quality affordable homes for people in need. Its five areas of focus are advocacy, development, property management, assisted living, and home ownership.

About Seventy-Five State Street

Founded as a nonprofit organization by civic leaders in 1854, Seventy-Five State Street provides independent and assisted housing with services to older people of all financial abilities. It promotes independence, dignity, and individuality for residents. Respect for all individuals, residents, and employees makes for a community beyond compare. Seventy-Five State Street is located in the gracious urban setting of Portland’s historic West End.

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