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Housing Development

Housing Development

Creating New Places to Call Home

As demonstrated by the hundreds of units of affordable housing added to our portfolio each year, Avesta Housing has learned to recognize new construction and redevelopment opportunities where others see only obstacles. Our highly skilled development staff contributes extensive development management, legal, financial, community planning and construction experience.

Avesta draws upon years of reciprocal relationships with the financial industry, funding sources, community leaders, and housing advocates. Ongoing, candid dialogue with civic leaders and neighbors ensures consensus and goodwill.

Avesta Housing works closely with all stakeholders whenever and wherever a new development is proposed. Community immersion is a key aspect to maintaining positive relationships with the neighborhoods in which we work. To ensure development is carried out in a responsible manner, Avesta follows smart growth principles to avoid urban sprawl. Attractive site design and high-quality construction is found in all Avesta developments, with amenities such as playgrounds and well-equipped common spaces created wherever appropriate.

Preserving Critically Needed Apartments

Avesta Housing is committed to providing quality affordable housing and preserving the existing stock of affordable multi-family housing in Maine. Avesta has made it a priority to invest in Maine’s large stock of older affordable multi-family housing including developments regulated by USDA Rural Development, HUD and Maine State Housing.

Using a full spectrum of available financial resources, Avesta recognizes the opportunity to acquire and recapitalize these properties rather than see them lost from the pool of affordable housing.

Of paramount importance to Avesta is the recognition of affordable housing as a valuable community asset.

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