Push for 300 elms for town’s 300th continues

HAMPTON FALLS — Community members are embracing the idea of bringing more American elm trees back to Hampton Falls. The trees grew in abundance in town years ago before they succumbed to Dutch Elm Disease over a period of many decades.

Half a dozen of the majestic shade trees were planted in Hampton Falls in 2007, and now more than 100 trees are slated to be available for planting by spring of 2020.

Organizers of the campaign to restore this natural beauty in Hampton Falls, Larry Smith and Judy Wilson, are working to get as many as 300 elms gracing the town’s roadways in honor of the town’s 300th anniversary.

The order of 100 disease-resistant trees from the Elm Research Institute in Keene reduces the price of each tree to $40. The discounted order was made possible due to individual property owners becoming involved in the project, as well as the purchase of 25 trees by Heronfield Academy on Exeter Road, and 23 trees by Avesta Housing (Meadows at Grapevine Run) on Brown Road.

Nancy Rineman