If you build it, they will sleep soundly

LEWISTON, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — What started as a concern for low income families in her community, has spawned into a business for Amy Smith.
Through Healthy Homeworks, anyone who can’t afford to buy a bed can earn one by building it themselves. Each homemade solid wood bed frame comes with a mattress and an encasement that keeps bedbugs out.
There’s one catch: if you want a free bed, you have to work for it and help build other beds that can be sold to the general public. The program just started last year, but Smith is hoping to appeal to more downtown landlords.
“We just opened our doors in September and we had 17 builders by the end of the year,” said Smith. “In the first three months of this year we’re up to 30 people, and our waiting list is 30 more people.”

Amanda Hill