This would be more of the resource hub option:


  • Intro HBE Powerpoint

    You can type a description here. The list item itself should link to the power point you sent to me and start an automatic download. If you wanted to use this format, you could add multiple list items/reference documents and I can add links for each. Both the title and the icon will link to the download.

  • Class Dates

    You could link to other parts of your page as well, upcoming classes for example.

  • List Title 3

    There’s no link here, just showing that you can add multiple links and they will all appear in this list format.


If you wanted the slideshow to be more interactive, I could build something like this. We could upload the slides as individual images, and then people would be able to click through and read at their own speed (which may be more accessible to some than a screen record of a power point)


Then there’s always the embedding a video option: