List of drug-free safe zones expanded

WESTBROOK — A number of parks and recreational areas across the city have long been designated drug-free safe zones, but the City Council has added two more places to the list.

Acting on a recommendation from the Westbrook Police Department, councilors May 21 approved adding to the list the playgrounds at the end of the Clearwater Bend subdivision at 27 Reed St. and at former church property near 2 Walker St. In a letter to city councilors, Westbrook Police Capt. Steven Goldberg said those two locations are “heavily used for recreation and other community events.”

“By adding these two locations to the list of drug-free zones, it gives the police department another tool to use in combating drug trafficking and making the city safer. Anyone caught trafficking or furnishing drugs within 1,000 feet of these new drug free zones would face enhanced penalties for their offenses,” Goldberg said, adding “inclusion of these two new zones would enhance this and assist in any drug trafficking investigations in those respective neighborhoods.”

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