Real Estate Development

Real Estate Development

Of paramount importance to Avesta is the recognition of
affordable housing as a valuable community asset.

Creating Affordable Housing in Maine and New Hampshire Since 1972

Reciprocal Relationships

Avesta draws upon years of reciprocal relationships with the financial industry, funders, community leaders, and housing advocates to develop, acquire, and preserve hundreds of affordable units each year.

Skilled Development Staff

Avesta's development staff contributes extensive management, legal, financial, community planning, and construction experience. We adhere to smart growth principles, sustainability guidelines, and design standards informed by our development and property management experience.

New Properties & Older Housing

In addition to developing new properties, Avesta invests in Maine and New Hampshire's large stock of older, affordable, multi-family housing, including developments regulated by USDA Rural Development, HUD, MaineHousing, and New Hampshire Housing Finance Authority.

Community Asset

Avesta works with municipalities, neighborhood groups, and local businesses to ensure that every development meets the needs of the community. Once a building is complete, it is staffed with an expert property management team to address residents’ needs and ensure that the property remains safe, clean, and regularly maintained.

Meet Our Real Estate Development Team

Patrick Hess

Director of
Real Estate Development

Todd Rothstein, CPHC

Director of Construction Services

Catherine Elliott

Senior Development Officer

Nate Howes

Senior Development Officer

Steve Estes

Construction Services
Project Manager

Seric Kapp

Construction Services
Project Manager

Patraic Hodgson

Development Officer