First Fox School resident says former school still has life

PARIS — For Carol Fanjoy, every room, hallway, nook and cranny of the newly renovated Fox School holds a memory. And those memories can be overwhelming.

“The first day I got in, when I started the application process, the plumber let me in. I saw the front staircase, and I sat down — I actually had tears in my eyes,” said Fanjoy.

Fanjoy, 56,  one of the first residents at the newly opened housing unit on Market Square, worked at the school as a head custodian for a decade.

“Working as a custodian for 10 years in this building were the happiest years of my entire career. There was an awesome staff of teachers and support staff. We were Kindergarten to third grade, so we had the babies, and they were so good,” said Fanjoy.

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