Success stories from the COVID-19 Housing Counseling Support Initiative

HPN Member Avesta Housing thanks Wells Fargo

As people face important financial decisions — buying a home, finding an affordable rental unit, or how to manage through a time of crisis — housing counselors offer information and guidance to help people make the best decisions for themselves and their families.  And as we continue to witness the effects of the global pandemic within our communities across the country, ensuring that counseling agencies have the support to meet the demand for their services during this time is critical.

At a time like this, the Wells Fargo Foundation quickly provided the Housing Partnership Network with flexible funding to help respond to the needs of renters and homeowners impacted by the economic fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic. The funding has enabled counseling agencies to transition to the virtual environment, market their services, and most importantly serve renters and homeowners in need. On behalf of HPN and its Members, we want to thank the Wells Fargo Foundation.

One of the members participating in this grant program is Avesta Housing, a non-profit organization in Maine that provides housing and financial education and counseling, in addition to developing and operating affordable housing.  They shared the following reflections on how this funding has allowed them to serve their community during this time — and most importantly how it has helped improve people’s lives.

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