Registration drive provides election information to residents

Avesta Housing recently partnered with League of Women Voters (LWV) of Maine to help Avesta residents register to vote in the upcoming midterm election. From mid-September to Oct. 18, volunteers from LWV canvassed door-to-door at Avesta properties throughout Maine, distributing nonpartisan election information and instructions on how to register.

The majority of residents welcomed the canvassers into their homes, said Avesta Resident Service Manager Nicholas Kjeldgaard. Many are recent immigrants eager to participate in the democratic process; if they are not U.S. citizens, they are given information on how to obtain citizenship.

According to Lado Ladoka, program director with LWV of Maine, the partnership with Avesta has been a great success. “Our research shows that people who are low-income are less likely to vote, but they are the most affected by policy,” he said. “Many things in their lives are important; if they can put voting as one of the most important things, they can help make our society much better.”