‘We’re not going to stop’: Portland struts its LGBTQ+ Pride

Standing in Monument Square among a soggy but enthusiastic crowd that was ready to march in the Pride Portland parade Saturday, Michael Patterson wore a rainbow tutu, rainbow socks and a big smile under his umbrella.

Patterson took in the turnout.

Despite a constant rain, there were thousands of people who attended, comparable to last year’s parade when there was lots of sunshine.

“I’m here to show pride and support for our community, and for the great city of Portland,” Patterson said. “Nothing can dampen the spirit of Pride. Look at all the people here. The streets are lined. There’s a lot of energy.”

All ages marched and cheered for the parade participants. Groups represented in the parade included churches, the post office, the Coast Guard, L.L. Bean – with its famous boot vehicle – Wex, Avesta, the Portland Museum of Art, Maine School of Science and Mathematics, Curbside Queens drag performers, vibrant dancers from Hustle and Flow and more.

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