In Lewiston, first of planned choice neighborhood developments breaks ground

In 2020, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development announced a program offering grants of $30 million each to cities to develop affordable housing.

Lewiston was the smallest city to receive such a grant.

On Monday, July 24, Lewiston Housing and elected officials at all levels broke ground on the first of the Choice Neighborhood initiative developments, to be known as Wedgewood.

Wedgewood will feature 82 rental homes in nine buildings on Pierce, Pine and Bartlett streets. It is named for neighborhood’s historic Wedgewood House, at the corner of Pierce and Pine streets. The development will replace 42 older public-assistance units that are showing their wear, providing a net gain of 40 units.

Avesta Housing, the Portland-based nonprofit, will partner with Lewiston Housing on the project.

The Choice Neighborhoods grant allocates 70% of the award to support the housing plan, 15% to support the people services and 15% to support neighborhood improvements.

It is also expected to leverage another $80 million in funding.

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