Nonprofits help asylum seekers in Maine find a permanent roof, but the wait is long

MAINE — The journey that many asylum-seekers take to come to the United States for a better life is difficult and dangerous. 

While many come through Mexico and wait for the rare chance to cross the border at an official point of entry, others find their own way into the country, hoping not to get caught.

Getting across the border is one thing; having a final destination in the U.S. is another. Over the past few years, for more and more people seeking asylum, that destination has been Maine.

Some of the reasons people choose to leave their countries of origin include persecution of race, religion, nationality, war, violence, political views, crime, gangs, and the list goes on.

… For Edward and his family, after a year of sleeping in a hotel room, they were able to secure a permanent housing unit with Avesta Housing.

“Wow! This is a nice company I think, so I already wanted to know more about Avesta,” Edward said with a smile on his face.

Edward is so thankful to Avesta for accepting his application for an apartment that he knew exactly how to give back, now that his work permit got approved.

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