New HOC homeownership counselor making an impact

Rain Daugherty is the new homeownership counselor for the Avesta HomeOwnership Center, a HUD-certified agency that provides financial, foreclosure prevention, and first-time homebuying counseling services to Avesta Housing residents and the public. Rain’s primary role is to lead group educational workshops for first-time homebuyers who are purchasing single-family homes and landlord workshops for first-time homebuyers who are purchasing multi-family homes.

Rain entered the housing industry as a real estate agent in the early 2000s. She saw firsthand the effects of the housing crash that precipitated the Great Recession, and resolved to spend her career helping people make educated choices when purchasing a home.

In 2011, she became director of the office of development and planning for a small coastal city in Connecticut, where she participated in partnerships with affordable housing developers. This led to the establishment of a community land trust (CLT) to develop affordable housing. When she moved to Maine to work for the Avesta HOC, she sold her house to the CLT so that it would be forever preserved as a homeownership opportunity for low-to moderate-income families. “That brings joy to my heart,” she said.

Rain became certified as a HUD housing counselor in 2020, and joined the Avesta HOC in early September. She has already made an impact — in addition to leading homebuying education classes, she helps members of the community prepare for and recover from severe weather-related events, and will soon be launching post-purchase workshops for homeowners who want to develop their home improvement skills as well as rental workshops focusing on fair housing and tenant rights and responsibilities.

“It’s commonly known that homeownership is the key to building intergenerational wealth, but it can also immediately improve well-being,” she said. “It’s immensely satisfying to help members of our community navigate the ins and outs of real estate so they can create a home for themselves and their families.”

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