For answers to common questions, please refer to the list below: 

To get educated! The home buying process can be complicated and, at times, overwhelming. This is the biggest purchase most people will make in their lives, which highlights the importance for being an informed consumer. HOC is a neutral third party that helps navigate those complexities.

The class costs $30 per person.

No. This class is designed to provide education about the process of buying a home. Many mortgage loan products require this education, and the Home Buyer Education Course satisfies those requirements. Further, if a student is looking to purchase a home using the Maine Housing First Time Home Loan, this loan product has an education requirement and eligible borrowers can access a $5,000 grant.

Once the course has been completed, all students receive a “lender letter.” When a student goes under contract for a home, that letter will be completed by the loan officer and provided to the HomeOwnership Center. Once it is received, the certificate of completion will be released to the student and the loan officer.

Yes. If both parties are going to be listed on the mortgage, both must register and complete the course.

You may be able to use the certificate in another state if the loan product being used has an education requirement. The $5,000 grant that is associated with the first home loan cannot be used in another state.

All 1-on-1 counseling is FREE and confidential.

The foreclosure process can be long and complicated. From communicating with lawyers and mortgage servicers to negotiating workout options, the HOC’s HUD-certified counselors discuss clients’ financial situations and offer guidance on how best to avoid default or foreclosure. HOC counselors will explore different ways to resolve your mortgage situation. The objective is to find the best way to keep all clients housed in safe and reliable housing.

Not at this time. Avesta Housing manages many affordable housing rental properties across Maine and New Hampshire, but does not offer properties to purchase.

No. The Avesta HomeOwnership Center offers education and counseling only.

The Avesta HomeOwnership Center is a HUD-certified Housing Counseling Agency.

Avesta Housing’s primary function is to develop and manage affordable housing in Maine and New Hampshire. The Avesta HomeOwnership Center is separate from that line of business and offers free and confidential financial counseling, foreclosure intervention counseling, and home buyer education.

No. We do not offer funds for rental assistance or subsidies like a Section 8 voucher.

No. We do not offer funds for mortgage assistance.

No. HOC cannot offer any legal advice or assistance.

No. HOC does not offer the required HUD counseling for Home Equity Conversion Mortgages (HECMs).