Press Release: Nonprofit Avesta Housing faces increasingly high demand for affordable housing

Portland, MAINE — Avesta Housing has released its Affordable Housing Activity Report for the first three quarters of 2017.

Key findings:

  • Only 9% of households seeking affordable housing find housing with Avesta due to very high demand relative to vacancies
  • 2,077 households were on Avesta’s wait list for affordable housing at the end of September 2017

The monthly requests for affordable housing that Avesta receives have increased nearly 30% since 2014.

The entire Affordable Housing Activity Report can be found on Avesta’s website, in the Our News and Statistics section. The Affordable Housing Activity Report is a tool Avesta developed to provide key information about the local demand for affordable homes. Avesta tracks this data in a comprehensive way to better understand the region’s housing needs and the best ways to address them.

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